Here are a few projects I started or contributed to:

  • was a free DynDNS replacement, where users could sign up and create subdomains which they can update to point at the IP address of their choosing. It was shut down in 2019 and I've made the source code available here.

  • httsleep

    A python library for polling HTTP endpoints - batteries included!


    A Kodi add-on for the excellent German web radio station ByteFM, with support for browsing the archives from within Kodi.

  • vvs

    A console application that displays upcoming departure times for stations in the VVS network in Stuttgart. Useful in conjunction with tmux, so you needn't open up the VVS website to check whether it's worth rushing out of work to catch the tram.

  • gelber sack ICS calendars

    ICS Calendars (importable into Google Calendar, iCal, etc), automatically updated, showing when your next "Gelber Sack" collection is. Useful for forgetful Stuttgarters.
    Source code available on github.

  • ahye

    An image server for storing and saving screenshots created with the Gyazo screenshooter. It also features a web interface for uploading and mirroring images.

  • kitchen

    A dashboard for visualising and browsing your chef-provisioned servers, with the ability to generate graphs of the server layout (showing service interactions and dependencies, etc) and provide virtualisation information.

  • soldash

    A dashboard for Solr replication. Shows the user the current index version across cores and Solr masters/slaves, the progress of replication, and so on. Allows the user to turn on/off replication, polling, execute queries, make backups. Useful with Solr 3.x; mostly outmoded by the new web interface in Solr 4.x.

  • facebewk

    facebewk is a clever little Python wrapper for the facebook Graph API. It is designed to minimise the number of HTTP requests, while providing a developer-friendly, dynamic representation of data pulled from the API.

  • Porick

    Porick is yet another IRC quotes web application, designed as a more modern, AJAXy replacement for Chirpy!

  • chineseair

    An automatically updating graph of air pollution in major Chinese cities, as tweeted by United States Embassy and Consulate twitter accounts.

  • Big Picture Cataloguer

    The Big Picture Cataloguer downloaders's fantastic Big Picture series, tagging each image with its relevant caption. The latest Windows binary is available here.

  • grammer_man

    An annoying twitter bot which corrects other users' misspellings.

  • albumart_replacer

    A script that searches tineye for higher-res copies of album art.