Gelber Sack ICS Calendars

This project is no longer supported and may break in the future. ICS calendars are now provided by AWS Stuttgart. Please get them there.

If you're living in Stuttgart, you'll be familiar with the Gelber Sack system.

You'll probably also be familiar with the annoyance of missing a rubbish collection.

Luckily, calendar software such as Google Calendar and Apple iCal provide a function where you can add external calendars with information that may be of interest. However, the authorities don't provide calendars which you can import into your software of choice, so I decided to create this service.

Simply visit the Schaal-Müller website, search for your your area code, and once you've clicked on the entry that corresponds to your street and house number, you should see a page with the "Abholgebiet" stated on the right hand side.

Each of these "Abholgebiete" has its own ICS calendar URL linked below. Copy this URL (don't just click it!) and add it to your calendar. Click here for instructions on how to do this in Google Calendar, and here for instructions on how to do this in Apple iCal.

ICS Calendar links

Frauenkopf, Hedelfingen (ohne Hafen), Sillenbuch (ohne Riedenberg)

Botnang, Feuerbach, Killesberg, Weißenhof


Stuttgart-West (ohne Kräherwald, Solitude, Wildpark)

Stammheim, Weilimdorf

Hafen, Unter- und Obertürkheim, Wangen

Münster, Steinhaldenfeld, Zuffenhausen


Stuttgart-Ost (ohne Frauenkopf)

Vaihingen (ohne Büsnau, Dürrlewang)

Bad Cannstatt I (ohne Steinhaldenfeld), Mühlhausen

Bad Cannstatt II (ohne Steinhaldenfeld)

Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart-Nord (ohne Killesberg, Weißenhof)

Birkach, Plieningen, Riedenberg

Büsnau, Degerloch, Dürrlewang, Kräherwald, Solitude, Wildpark